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Saluti e Cortesia / Greetings Greetings and Courtesy


Ciao!/ Hi/Bye!

Arrivederci!/ Good-bye!

Come va?/ How's it going?

Ci vediamo!/ See you later!

Grazie!/ Thanks!

Buongiorno!/ Good morning!

Buon pomeriggio!/ Good afternoon!

Buonasera!/ Good evening!

Buonanotte!/ Good night!

Prego!/ You're welcome!

  We have a stunning view of the hill town of Trevi, famous for its olive oil and olive museum.  In the morning, walk or drive into Trevi for a cappuccino in the old piazza, explore its winding cobblestone streets and discover its ancient archways and thrilling views.  
Trevi Street


    Assisi, Italy  
Just a 20-minute drive north of us, one of the most famous hill towns of all, Assisi, rests splendidly on top a mountain, beckoning with its glistening, and colored medieval walls and magical lighting at night. Assisi boasts some of the most famous frescos in Italy, and is home to the spectacular Basilica di San Francesco.


Spoleto, Italy


The magnificent hill town of Spoleto lies just 20 minutes south, known for the Spoleto festival, showcasing art, dance and theater in early July.

Visit Spoleto’s castle and walk across the awe inspiring Roman aqueduct, then dine at one of the town’s exquisite restaurants, featuring the cuisine of Umbria, famous for its black truffles and tasty meats. 

Spoleto Aqueduct
Even closer, you will find the exceptionally beautiful medieval town of Spello, with its narrow, flower lined streets, as well as the tranquil town of Bevagna, a stopping point on the old Roman road, with its wonderful Roman theater. 
Spello, Italy
    MONTEFALCO   Taste the local Sagrantino wines in the ancient hill town of Montefalco, visible from our window on the hill across the valley.   
    Montefalco, Italy  
Wine Shop
La Vita


  On the way to Lago Trasimeno for a lakeside lunch, you will pass the University town of Perugia, full of Etruscan and Renaissance treasures. Perugia is home home to the famous UmbriaJazz Festival in July.  


A little further a field, spend a day in Todi, surrounded by stunning green hills, buy pottery in Deruta, and sip Orvieto Classico after admiring the Cathedrals and Gothic architecture in Orvieto.



Of the many exciting day trips possible, Valnerina, a steep, mountain valley known for its saints and hermits, is a must, with its deep gorges, white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, and the town of Norcia, famous for its delicious cured meats and lentils. 



  Take a train or drive to Florence or Rome for the day.  Most importantly, enjoy the welcoming hospitality of the gentle Umbrian locals, who excel at echoing the nature of their most famous saint, Saint Francis of Assisi.  
St Francis Lamp
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